Value based education in collegiate education- An idea

Collegiate education is the third level of formal education. This level of education is expected to boost the career prospects and the earning potential of the graduates. The greatest challenge before higher educational institutions is to produce employable graduates; which mean skilled people who would help the nation in growth and development. But skilled based education will not be complete unless it is supported by value based education. Therefore, one of the main objectives of collegiate education should be to produce responsible employable citizens; who are dependable, liable and trustworthy.

Values are certain rules that drive our behaviour and influence our actions and ultimately our relationship with the self as well as others. These values cannot be imposed. They must be acquired. Value based education is an approach of teaching and learning that works with positive values such as fairness, discipline, honesty, patience, tolerance, respect, collaboration, compassion forgiveness and love. These qualities of a responsible citizen should be practiced everyday to make it a habit in the long run.

College students are grown up learners with the ability to take decisions for their life. They must be guided in a manner that their decision processes help benefit them and the society at large. It is an accepted truth that values are influenced to a great deal by the surrounding environment. So the best way to spread value based education in collegiate education is to create a positive environment in the college campus.

Now the question that arises is how to create an environment in the campus free from negative vibes?

The following ways may be adopted:

  1. Encourage team work: Team work fosters self education. Through meeting, one can learn the patience to listen, tolerate and respect the conflicting ideas cropping up in the group and learn to work in a collaborative manner.
  2. Brain storming sessions: Well planned periodic brain storming sessions would help and motivate the young learners to keep track of their acquired values and prepare them for the future as strong citizens.
  3.  Highlight positive effects of technology: Measured guidance should be provided regarding the use of technology. One should take care that positive aspects are highlighted because advantages of emerging technologies would assist the students to understand the importance of technology and guide them to use it in the right direction.
  4. Focus on positive thinking: Present generation learners are prone to all types of negative energy such as anger, hate, frustration and impatience. Positive energy must be spread to make the college campus suitable for effective learning. For example, during Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations, success stories from all over the world must be staged instead of negative stories, to inculcate a feeling of “belonging” to the nation and at the same time spreading the knowledge of compassion, forgiveness and love.

It is said that a man becomes what he thinks. The young learners must be guided to mould their own mind so that they understand the importance of positive values and apply these values in their journey of life.

 © 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad