Will Power Matters!

When we are comfortable standing alone people will approach us to know the secret of our success. But when we are not comfortable standing alone we feel depressed and we seek answers. Depression has a tendency to isolate us from the world and if we’ve ever realised, the more we isolate ourselves the more we are depressed. This is because we are a social animal and crave for company.

 Sorrow is an indispensable part of life; we cannot avoid it but we can and should try to overcome the after-effects of sorrow: loneliness and depression. To get rid of depression we need to inculcate in us ‘realisation’- realisation that loneliness will intensify the dismal situation. When we are depressed nothing seems right for us. However hard we try we even fail to keep busy with our personal interests and hobbies. But trying to take that leap is no harm. Having a friendly chat may not wipeout our depression completely but will definitely change the environment to help us conquer our mind that is down in the dumps and give us the needed strength to accept our situation.

 The most winning solution to our current problem is conversing with people who are in the same state of mind. This will help us realise that everyone, rich or poor, old or young, have to face life’s trials. Therefore whenever we encounter a difficult situation we should always look at the more deprived and thank God that we are in a much better position than them. This will facilitate us to learn and strive against all odds. “Never feel sad that you do not have a pair of shoes because there are people who do not have legs”.

 Life and time does not wait for our depression to subside. Hence the solutions to our problems lie within us. It is the inspirational food we give to our mind that we and we alone can get rid of our negative energies. Philosophical books or advice from the wise do play its part sometimes. But ultimately the solution is how and when we implement it and are we really prepared to implement it!

 We’re creations of the same Creator as you (The Supreme Power). We’ve seen good days and bad days. We’ve also survived through hard times. What we’ve realised is that happiness and sorrow are relative terms. It all depends on our Will- Our willingness to feel happy or willingness to grief! Speak well and you will never hear foul language! See good and you will be surrounded by good! Hear good and you will be rewarded back with good thoughts! So just feel good and ignore the bad!

                        © 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad