The Journey of the Hall of Silence!!!


‘Writer’s block’: Never heard of this phrase before. So did not have a single word to write! And again its the writer’s block party!

Writers and party…Do they go together? People party, writers do not.  The first image that hit our mind as we read the phrase “‘writer’s block’ party” is a hall full of people seated in their respective places with a pen and a sheet of paper all set to go on a silent journey to the ‘lost world’. Sounds traditional though with modern day gadgets available. But probably because we cannot do away with the pen and paper! There is complete silence, except for the scribbling sound of the pen on sheets of paper. No discussions. No conversations.

The phrase ‘writer’s block’ is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. Indeed, it is not possible to write all the time. The mind must be relaxed. Writing is a passion not a compulsion. The moment we write with compulsion, words disappear! There are many instances that lands us sitting in front of the bright screen or the white sheet, all blank, jumbled thoughts and words not able to be placed in the right direction and the right order.

We just need to take the first step and the first step is to write the first word, just any word relating to the thoughts and add the chain of words as they come by. When the mind gets blank, we just move around silently, let the mind flow in a different direction, watch the television, talk to someone, or simply relax appreciating nature. It is just a matter of time! Mind needs time to think. But once the engine starts there’s no stopping!

When we start writing we go on a ride with our thoughts to the world of infinity. And this is the only time when we feel like a bird, flying high in the clear blue sky gently flapping the wings watching the earth from above. Everyone else seems to be at the nib of our pen or finger tips, ready to come down and play around with words. Everyone else is a ‘God’s particle’. We say ‘God’s particle’ because every single life on earth is a reason for our existence. Without them we are useless. Without them we would not have had any writers.

We guess the first paragraph to this write-up is in itself an example of writer’s block! And we end up finally with 409 words!

Wonder if this party would ever end! 🙂

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad


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