The New Rising- 2024!

The new rising

We wake up tomorrow and realise we are ten years older than the previous night.

My spouse and I have always imagined growing old together.  Wordpress’s “Daily prompt” has given us this opportunity today to allow our thoughts to flow out in black and white and make our imagination more concrete. Ten years from now all we can imagine and hope for both of us, is a life full of love ten times more.

Ten years is not very old for us though. Probably, with modern day wrinkle-free cosmetics, physical look could easily be managed and wrinkles could be hidden behind the layer of cosmetics applied. What would change are our life plans with this development. No more a parental attitude. Rather displaying a friendly attitude for the development of a balanced life of the hero of our life. Our immediate plan would be to make sure we take every step with added zeal and zest, with a positive attitude, driving together through the harsh realities of life.

Not much a shock, because we are already eagerly waiting for that day, when we could feel as proud parents of a nineteen year old youth-a grown up responsible young boy eager to furnish his life with his independent thoughts.  How lucky, our child has crossed a difficult phase in his life! We believe dealing with a teenager is the most challenging task for parents. This would be a blessing in disguise for us, more than a shock.

This period will also bring with it succession of good and bad experiences. But what could be better than living ten years in sleep! Living ten years of our life in our dreams. A development indeed! A great relaxation indeed! 🙂

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad