The Tunnel from A to O

journey through the tunnel

We’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect our home with the location of our choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of our tunnel?

When we came across this Daily Prompt, the first thing that crossed our mind was WOW! Ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect our home with the location of our choice-anywhere on Earth!

But as the strings of our mind started loosening up, we were caught in a dilemma. We’ve the ability to build a tunnel.  Well, tunnels are dark inside. Isn’t it? No fresh air, no natural light.  

We would rather prefer some other way where there is light during the journey to one of our favourite places anywhere on Earth! The journey also has to be a beautiful one. We do have the desire to travel around the world, breathing in all the beauty around. How would the journey to our favourite destination through a tunnel be like? A journey in the dark, full of struggle! Will we be able to do justice to us? 

We decided to select a tunnel with a narrow opening, then use our magical power to build it bigger and bigger so that we can quickly and secretly at the blink of an eye connect it to light at the other end!

And we finally discovered this narrow opening!

Have you noticed the small triangle in the letter ‘A’ in the word HATE? Yes this triangle is our starting point. Our Earth- our home, is surrounded by hate all around. There is darkness in this hatred, because we lose our senses when we hate someone. We forget our existence as a superior animal- a human being.

Luckily there are small magic like WordPress Daily Prompt that knocks the closed door of our mind and encourage us to build bridges to connect one end of the world with the other.

So our work begins. We dig and dig quickly, silently and secretly using our magical power until we reach the other end of the tunnel of HATE. And at the blink of an eye we finally discover the new horizon.  We come out from the small triangle in ‘A’ to a broad opening in letter ‘O’, a new world, where we breathe fresh and free! Notice the letter ‘O’ in LOVE? Yes, we’re in a new place, a new location, LOVE. We are now satisfied that we’ve used our magical power to get to something better, where there is light all around. 

We made it! What do you think? 🙂

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

What went wrong?

Did something go wrong?


How about starting off with a day like this…

  • Use face wash or shaving cream to brush teeth? This tastes different! Yuk!
  • Throw the boiled egg in the dustbin and keep the shell in hand to eat! Thank God we got back our senses before eating it.
  • Dip the banana in tea and eat it (assuming it is a cookie). Yummy banana.
  • Fill a glass of water to drink then throw the water in the sink only to realise later we had to drink it. Doesn’t matter, will fill it again. Will the water go to the sink again? Maybe!
  • Apply the accelerator of the car when the break should have been applied and keep wondering what went wrong!
  • Call all the family members for lunch to the dining table then realise rice is yet to be cooked. (Rice is the main item in lunch in that part of India where we come from.) How about keep all of them wait for another long time again as the gas stove was not switched on! Embarrassing situation?
  • Throw the date in the trash and eat the seed. Then wonder why it did not taste sweet?
  • Unwrap the bath soap and throw the soap in the dustbin instead of the wrapper!
  • Congratulate someone when actually they have to be wished good luck or vice versa. Just leave them with a smile, then think later what did we say?
  • Reach school then realise, Oh! Where is the school bag?
  • Search for the wrist watch when actually all the time it was in the hand. Or look for the specs when actually all the time the head was exploring the beauty of this world.
  • You are asked to bring a spoon from the kitchen and you hand over a knife. Were you dreaming about that horror movie?

There are many more such instances when we did something unintentionally funny. We are not able to recall any more right now. But as WordPress has given this opportunity to capture these silly activities, this list will keep updating. So keep revisiting for more! 😉 😉

Do you think we are crazy? What went wrong?

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad