What to do?

To-Do? Done!

Today’s Prompt: Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life. Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

Here is what we would do. 


One, Two told us to do;

What to do? Oh! What to do?

And here comes Three, the working tree;

Oh, please, please set us free!

Says Four, Five; live this life;

Why not! We wanna go on a long drive!


What to do? Oh! What to do?

Never waste your time thinking what to do.

Take it easy, take it slow;

Love yourself, go with the flow.

Welcome everyday, just let it come;

And soon you see, everything will be done!

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Humanity: The Connection

Humanity : “The Connection”

(The photograph was taken five years back, in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. Behind is the Naini Lake. We could not find any better way to relate this photograph to Humanity: “The Connection”). The conversation follows….

The Connection
Naini lake, Uttarakhand, India

The other day our nine year old child asked us,

“Who is our Great Great Great Great……Great Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother?”

There was a quick reply from us. “Adam and Eve!”

But the nine year old child’s scientific mind was searching for the truth. He was mystified with the world population, the diverse races, classes and religions. Quick cropped up another query!

“No, no, who is ‘MY’ Great Great…..Great Grandfather or Grandmother?”

We smiled at him as he emphasized on the word ‘MY’, and we made an attempt to explain the history.

Honestly, we did not have the right answer. His interrogation left us entangled with history, religion and mythology. And even more intricate is the scientific debate that we are descendants of the Ape! Oh!

No wonder, this could leave anyone baffled with the question,

“How are we all connected?”

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad