Virtual is Real !

Grateful and Guilty


Here is a short Gratitude Note we have written for Technology. For us, TECHNOLOGY is the guiltiest guilty pleasure. We have tried to express our guiltiest guilty pleasure in the note. Hope you enjoy it.

Dear Technology,

It has been a decade since you trespassed our simple and happy territory. Crawling all the way from the 19th century you finally established your roots in our sweet little world. You captured our hearts by assisting us in gathering the known lost hearts and souls and incidentally landing us in the unknown world of  addiction. We are happy to have you with us for making our lives easier, faster, more effective and efficient. You have intelligently supported us in covering our laziness.  

Technology, we must admit that you have been a great stress reliever. We appreciate the ample amount of time you spend with us, hardly allowing us to feel the absence of our near and dear ones and gradually stealing those emotions from us. You have showed us the way to kill those soft corners in our hearts. Your presence made us strong and practical.

We are also grateful for your 2G, 3G and many other creepy connections. Though irritating and time consuming, they have taught us the power of patience. Thank you for embracing us and guiding us to the world of solitude- a place full of wonder where virtual is real.

Thank you for being with us whenever we needed you. You deserve to be loved! 🙂

Yours Faithfully,

Addictive Users

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad


Food for thought: We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?

It’s US! 🙂


We’ve been wondering how to display our eccentric side out here in WordPress. And here we are expressing the eccentric side of us once again. As usual, thanks to WordPress Daily Prompt  for this opportunity.

Yes, in our family and also among our friends, we believe ‘we’ are the one eccentric relative or friend who always says and does the strangest things. Now, what was it that earned us this reputation will be unveiled as you let your eyes capture every word and allow your mind to crack the code. If you are one among those who have read our past posts with enthusiasm and with an open mind, you’ve almost got us, and surprisingly, you become another eccentric person! Boggled? Never mind.

It has been quite sometime since we came up with a post to crack the truth. We were away for a while. It was like loving someone or something dearly when they are new and then just take it for granted (as is always thought about). When we first started blogging, WordPress was our first love. It still is, (not taken for granted) because this is the place where we can be stupid, behave crazy, be who we are and just let go the things that bother us. Yes, we get the opportunity to express our eccentric side. Interestingly, we are eccentric not only among our family and friends but among millions of other users of this site.

Let us state it this way. How many of you thought ‘yourself’ as that one eccentric person you know, and write about for this post? We did! Isn’t this a reason for eccentricity? The truth is we hardly get the time to think what others are thinking because we are lost in our own weird thoughts, trying to crack the code of truth; truth about life, truth about truth itself!

What we believe as humans is: we have a tendency to rule over others. And the moment we see others trying to follow a new track, we start thinking others are behaving strangely. This is because we do not let our thoughts go beyond that limit we have set for ourselves. We want others to see what we see, hear what we hear and do what we do. But, if the mind is set free, it can cross many horizons we have probably never imagined. The mind is a mystery.

Now, ‘we’ are among those who believe in living our dreams and living the life we dream instead of dreaming of living ‘our life’.

We can sail through this draft, pointing out the many reasons why our family and friends think we are eccentric. But do we really need to do that? We feel the one reason we pointed out above is sufficient for your understanding. And to know more about our strange thoughts and ideas, keep track of our posts! 😉

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Are you SMART ?


“The Grass is always Green on the other side.” It is human tendency to make comparisons and follow others. Knowingly or unknowingly this comparison lands us in a situation where we develop a sense of inferiority complex and that ultimately instigates jealousy in us. And if we introspect, this is actually the reason behind the negative energy within us. If we spend enough time analyzing our own thoughts and actions, how much time will be left with us to find fault with others?

To the layman, being smart may first relate to someone ‘well dressed’ and second to ‘social interaction’. Both are necessary but not sufficient for a fruitful life. Assume any situation where you come across someone who is well dressed but have a narrow bent of mind; someone who seems to steal the show but is very aggressive when it comes to personal relations.

It is not only important to ‘look good’, but what is more important is to ‘feel good’. While looking good gives us the desired confidence; feeling good gives us the desire to live our life with a purpose.

The Oxford English dictionary defines smartness as: to be good at learning, understanding and thinking in a logical way.

Let us consider these three aspects:

Learning: This refers to gaining knowledge and skill. We are not referring here to professional knowledge and skill development. Everyone is literate enough to learn to earn for himself. Even if someone is not highly educated does not mean he is not capable to live his life. And even if someone is highly educated does not mean he knows best how to live his life. The purpose of education is not to assist us to learn how to earn, rather it is to assist us to learn how to live.

We can learn in two different ways: First, from books and second from our own experience.

Books are literary works of people and their thoughts. Everyone is free to express thoughts and feelings in black and white. The conclusion we draw, however depends upon how we interpret things. There is a familiar saying: practice makes a man perfect. Learning from own experience therefore is the best way of learning. A wise decision would be to learn from others’ experience. This saves time, money and effort. For example, if you see a man fall into a pit you will definitely not follow him. But, experiences others face are based on the situation and environment they have lived in. So, how about learning from our own experience? Learning here means to lift us up when we fall, all set to face the hard realities all over again. So, when life is hard on you, never say:why me? Just say: try me! 🙂

What follows learning? It is to understand what we have learnt.

Understanding: This refers to knowing and realizing how and why things happen. This plays a crucial part because different people perceive the same situation differently. Understanding a situation assists us in our future endeavours and prevent us from committing the same mistakes a second time. It will help us to avoid an unfavourable situation or atleast direct us to act differently. But the question that arises here is: How to work on our potential to understand? This ability is acquired from our perception. Perception speaks about thinking in a particular way. A person will understand the things the way he allows his mind to work, in other words the way he thinks.

Thinking: This is the last and the most important of the three aspects of smartness. There is a very common saying that “A man becomes what he thinks”. Therefore thinking act as an institution for learning and understanding. Everything is in the mind and how we shape our mind. If we think logical we will act logical. Therefore to become smart and intelligent it is important to think logical, in other words think reasonable and sensible. This aspect reminds us of a large number of issues facing different nations in general and to human behaviour and human relations in particular. We would leave this matter for the reader to analyse and decide if he/she is smart!

The root of smartness therefore is in our mind. Our life is a learning process. It is fine to feel the way we want to feel. There is no harm in doing something we like to do. And it is absolutely alright to doubt what we have been taught to believe. What matters is we must not interfere in the lives of others. No one hurts us, no one is responsible for the life we are living. Everyone is busy assembling parts of their scattered life. Therefore, care for yourself. God is kind enough to take care of the rest. Live and let live!! 🙂

We just have to make-up our mind.

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad