Luxurious Moments!

Feeling Fancy Or Nothing at all !

Moments 1

Let us assume that we were given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries that we normally can’t afford.

Unlimited funds to use luxury and just one day? Not fair!

If unlimited fund is given to us, we would have asked for unlimited time to fulfill all our earthly dreams and wishes. 

On one hand, unlimited funds in hand will be a huge burden in the head! And spending that money for the luxuries we generally can’t afford; that too in one day; will be another headache! Why waste the time running around like fools trying to purchase or avail the luxuries? Too many of them !

There is no definition of luxury. It is a relative term. Suppose we had sufficient fund to go to the Moon; a desire to travel round the rings of awesome Saturn would be a luxury for us. Further, if we could make to Saturn, how about a day’s trip of the infinite Universe! Therefore, our luxury knows no bounds. And having everything will land us in a situation where we will find our self having nothing. We will gradually be drifted away from the more meaningful and most wanted moments in our life. Luxury will no longer be luxury but a misery.

‘Moments’ are something we generally overlook, even though we always have it with us. They are our only possession. They are the most luxurious of all because even unlimited money can’t buy these moments for us. After having everything, all that we will seek are: time to spend with our near and dear ones, time to relax, breathe free and the time to spend and enjoy every bit of natures’ wonders.  Therefore, we would be better off having nothing rather than have everything and get lost in infinity.

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

4 thoughts on “Luxurious Moments!

  1. Reblogged this on Writers Group 1 and commented:
    The first paragraph makes for an interesting writing project, or a free write.
    My son picked LegoLand for the day, and getting one of every Lego set in the stores we’re sure are there.
    Me? I’ll let you know when I wake up.

    On another topic:
    I started this blog to be a writer’s group for anyone who wanted to join.
    I said I would publish anything sent to (shameless plug)

    I’ve received a few pictures, and while photography can be creative (Instagram is ruining that by making everyone with a camera phone think they can take photos worth showing to others), these pictures were rather, um, suggestive.
    Then there are the limericks.
    About me, so it’s obviously someone I know.
    But, still… Maybe I should publish them…

    Have a great day, get some writing done, Blessed Be 😸


  2. The greatest luxury for me would be to spend time at home, doing nothing.
    On a practical note, the greatest luxury would be to be able to spend time with my parents and become a child once more.


    • Yes, moments spent with our near and dear ones or silent moments spent with the self are the luxurious of all. Our parents, friends and dear ones will ultimately leave us but the moments spent with them will be with us forever. 🙂


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