Gift of Love

This is our first Gift of Love, way back in 2004.

The Daily Post: Cupid’s Arrow

Love needs no season

Love finds no reason

Love hears the heart beat

Love carries souls to meet


Love knows no boundaries

Love traverses across countries

Love has power to deceive enemies

Love creates countless remedies


Love wipes out sorrow and pain

Love makes us dance in the rain

Love tunes the heart to sing

Love transforms autumn to spring


Love is deaf and love is blind

Love defeats the mind

Love propounds the eyes to speak

Love is a language unique


© 2015 Ahmad and Ahmad

4 thoughts on “Gift of Love

  1. Hey Sia.
    I got nominated for a Very inspiring blogger award by Bonny of
    and have nominated you in turn as per the rules of the award.
    If you choose to accept, the four rules to follow are :
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    Hope to see you back again soon !


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