“One Word Photo Challenge: Cream”

The One Word Challenge: This word is Cream. The Challenge is to include image/images that best fit the theme. Here are our images.

Wonder Cream Pics
Wonder Cream Pics

Cream is a thin layer that covers the milk when allowed to stand untouched. Or Cream is a smooth and soft paste.

We tried to relate it with few wonders of the world we live in.

1. The Innocence of a Child: That innocent look wonders what this world is all about and tells us “life is so simple, relax”.

2. The Softness of Snow: The soft blanket cools the heat of the planet and maintains a climate suitable for complex life on Earth.

3. The Beauty of the Swan: The beauty endowed with elegance and grace, signifying calmness and purity of the soul.

4. The Warmth of Love: The Warmth that releases all pain and grief. Love is the shield that protects us from all evil.

What do you feel? Are they the CREAM of this world?

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

 One Word Photo Challenge: Cream

The Morning Glory


The Morning Glory Silhouette: One of the best examples that “Darkness is the absence of Light. And behind every Darkness there is Light. So, just keep moving.” 

Enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and feel it, just like we felt every ray of the sun touching the surface of the Earth, spreading the light to end the darkness all around.

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad


Nature’s Unmatched Texture

The Green Flower.
The Green Flower.

Layers of green petals arranged beautifully and consistently one on top of the other, as if trying to hold, cover and protect the pistil from the external environment.

This picture was taken in the garden of Tourist Rest House of (KMVN) Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nagam in Ranikhet, India. The exact name of this flower is not known to us. It was for the first time we had seen a green flower with hard petals. So we decided to name it the Green Flower. Not sure if it is a cactus of any form because the climate of Ranikhet is pleasant with sunshine, rainfall, and snow in winters.

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad