Just one reader, is not what we target;

Sia Positive is the one reader, before millions would get.

Here is a short letter we’d like to write

To Sia Positive, telling her to bring us pride.


Our blog is just six months old,

The Daily Posts and Challenges help realize our goal;

A box full of random thoughts and clicks,

Has managed to catch more than four thousand hits!


Spare some time, take a look,

Because we want to write a book;

Measure the reflections that we give,

Craft the posts before the readers leave.


Make it sound, read it loud,

Help the trio feel very proud;

World never criticizes without a cause,

Oh! Please read our blog, build it worthy of applause.

@ 2015 Ahmad and Ahmad

This post is part of The Daily Post: Audience of One

The Solitary Castaway


The Challenge : We’ve all been asked what five objects we’d take with us to a desert island. Now it’s your best friend’s (or close relative’s) turn to be stranded: what five objects would you send him/her off with?

The word that drew our attention is ‘stranded’. Interesting! Send our best friend or close relative to a desert island so he/she has no means to move from it? Is it a boon or a bane? And for how long?

Unless he/she is adventurous why would he/she wish to be stranded for no reason? And if he/she is adventurous, that would be a planned journey for him/her. So, assuming the journey to the desert island as one by choice, the necessary and sufficient things would already be taken care of by him/her. What we need to take care of are those things that may be missed out.

On a funny note, even we are not aware what we would send him/her with. So, let us find out together as we type down to come up with a post worth reading! Here it goes,

1. Set of papers sufficient to write down his/her experiences. So, the next time someone is stranded on a desert island, they would know how to deal with such experiences.

2. A box of pen to write down his/her “Island Diary”.

3. Numerable air tight bottles to keep his/her diaries safe from air and water.

4. A bestseller joke book. It is said that a book is one’s best friend. So what can be a better gift than a book to someone we love. Now we could give him/her any book. But what is the use of giving philosophical books to teach him/her lessons of life? He/she would not get out alive anyway! (We are not making fun of him/her. Remember? It was their choice! ) So we would rather choose a best seller joke book so that he/she can spend the rest of his/her life with laughing colours, not regretting the loneliness.

5. Finally, a traveler’s bag to fit in all the above mentioned things! Quite many, isn’t it? He/she will definitely have no idea about these things with which we would bid him/her adieu. So, a bag is a must.

We wish him/her a safe journey and a safe and happy life ahead in the island. Looking forward to those letters in the bottles, so we can come up with yet another post to share his/her experiences! 😉

(This was indeed interesting and we had fun playing the challenge!)

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

The Evergreen Book

We take a look at our bookcase. If we had enough free time, which book would be the first one we’d like to reread? Why?

Read on to find out!

Our Busy Nursery Kid
Our Busy Nursery Kid





One, two, Buckle my shoe;

Three, four, Open the door;

Five, six, Pick up sticks;

Seven, eight, Lay them straight:

Nine, ten, A big, fat hen.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, 
How I wonder what you are. 
Up above the world so high, 
Like a diamond in the sky. 

Hop A Little! 
Jump A Little.
One Two Three 
Run A Little.
Skip A Little.
Tap One Knee 
Bend A Little.
Stretch A Little.
Nod Your Head. 
Yawn A Little.
Sleep A Little.
On Your Bed! 

Ten Little Fingers,

Ten Little Toes, 

Two Little Ears and One Little Nose,
Two Little Eyes that shine so bright,
And one little mouth,
To kiss mother and father GOOD NIGHT!

Yes, we would love to go back to those sweet days. We try to discover the child in us every time we look at our child. Those sweet heavenly memories get refreshed taking us back on a tour to a beautiful world; a world full of new creations, freedom, beauty all around and the warmth of loved ones, known or unknown.

Yes, we would like to re-read the book of Nursery Rhymes.  

@ 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad