Be the change

A view of a city clicked on a clear winter day.

The Daily Post: Be the change
What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in this world? 

Change is something inevitable. And those who adapt to the changes survive. This has been the rule of this world since ages. However, change cannot and should not be imposed on anyone. Different situations and circumstances demand different rules.

Talking of this world and its people, a change is brought about by someone who thinks different. And those who think different will either be followed or criticised. Had we the power to change this world, we probably would not have been blogging here. We do not blog to bring about any change.

Yes, we have followers here in WordPress. They are our followers by their choice. They are those who probably like and enjoy our posts or get lost in the photographs we share. We love our followers because that gives us a sense of satisfaction, that we exist. This is a platform where we can be what we are- eccentric, stupid, crazy!

We are just like anyone else living in this world, with innumerable imperfections.  We make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. We are here to share our life; the good and even the bad, but trying as we do, to add a touch of positive vibe to make life look as simple as possible. We are one among those, struggling to create a life comfortable and suitable to live. We are here to make us feel good. We are glad to be part of the blogging community, learning everyday as we share our posts.

We are not here to change this world through our blog.  We are here to change us and be the change.

© 2015 Ahmad and Ahmad


Food for thought: We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?

It’s US! 🙂


We’ve been wondering how to display our eccentric side out here in WordPress. And here we are expressing the eccentric side of us once again. As usual, thanks to WordPress Daily Prompt  for this opportunity.

Yes, in our family and also among our friends, we believe ‘we’ are the one eccentric relative or friend who always says and does the strangest things. Now, what was it that earned us this reputation will be unveiled as you let your eyes capture every word and allow your mind to crack the code. If you are one among those who have read our past posts with enthusiasm and with an open mind, you’ve almost got us, and surprisingly, you become another eccentric person! Boggled? Never mind.

It has been quite sometime since we came up with a post to crack the truth. We were away for a while. It was like loving someone or something dearly when they are new and then just take it for granted (as is always thought about). When we first started blogging, WordPress was our first love. It still is, (not taken for granted) because this is the place where we can be stupid, behave crazy, be who we are and just let go the things that bother us. Yes, we get the opportunity to express our eccentric side. Interestingly, we are eccentric not only among our family and friends but among millions of other users of this site.

Let us state it this way. How many of you thought ‘yourself’ as that one eccentric person you know, and write about for this post? We did! Isn’t this a reason for eccentricity? The truth is we hardly get the time to think what others are thinking because we are lost in our own weird thoughts, trying to crack the code of truth; truth about life, truth about truth itself!

What we believe as humans is: we have a tendency to rule over others. And the moment we see others trying to follow a new track, we start thinking others are behaving strangely. This is because we do not let our thoughts go beyond that limit we have set for ourselves. We want others to see what we see, hear what we hear and do what we do. But, if the mind is set free, it can cross many horizons we have probably never imagined. The mind is a mystery.

Now, ‘we’ are among those who believe in living our dreams and living the life we dream instead of dreaming of living ‘our life’.

We can sail through this draft, pointing out the many reasons why our family and friends think we are eccentric. But do we really need to do that? We feel the one reason we pointed out above is sufficient for your understanding. And to know more about our strange thoughts and ideas, keep track of our posts! 😉

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

What went wrong?

Did something go wrong?


How about starting off with a day like this…

  • Use face wash or shaving cream to brush teeth? This tastes different! Yuk!
  • Throw the boiled egg in the dustbin and keep the shell in hand to eat! Thank God we got back our senses before eating it.
  • Dip the banana in tea and eat it (assuming it is a cookie). Yummy banana.
  • Fill a glass of water to drink then throw the water in the sink only to realise later we had to drink it. Doesn’t matter, will fill it again. Will the water go to the sink again? Maybe!
  • Apply the accelerator of the car when the break should have been applied and keep wondering what went wrong!
  • Call all the family members for lunch to the dining table then realise rice is yet to be cooked. (Rice is the main item in lunch in that part of India where we come from.) How about keep all of them wait for another long time again as the gas stove was not switched on! Embarrassing situation?
  • Throw the date in the trash and eat the seed. Then wonder why it did not taste sweet?
  • Unwrap the bath soap and throw the soap in the dustbin instead of the wrapper!
  • Congratulate someone when actually they have to be wished good luck or vice versa. Just leave them with a smile, then think later what did we say?
  • Reach school then realise, Oh! Where is the school bag?
  • Search for the wrist watch when actually all the time it was in the hand. Or look for the specs when actually all the time the head was exploring the beauty of this world.
  • You are asked to bring a spoon from the kitchen and you hand over a knife. Were you dreaming about that horror movie?

There are many more such instances when we did something unintentionally funny. We are not able to recall any more right now. But as WordPress has given this opportunity to capture these silly activities, this list will keep updating. So keep revisiting for more! 😉 😉

Do you think we are crazy? What went wrong?

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad