Be the change

A view of a city clicked on a clear winter day.

The Daily Post: Be the change
What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in this world? 

Change is something inevitable. And those who adapt to the changes survive. This has been the rule of this world since ages. However, change cannot and should not be imposed on anyone. Different situations and circumstances demand different rules.

Talking of this world and its people, a change is brought about by someone who thinks different. And those who think different will either be followed or criticised. Had we the power to change this world, we probably would not have been blogging here. We do not blog to bring about any change.

Yes, we have followers here in WordPress. They are our followers by their choice. They are those who probably like and enjoy our posts or get lost in the photographs we share. We love our followers because that gives us a sense of satisfaction, that we exist. This is a platform where we can be what we are- eccentric, stupid, crazy!

We are just like anyone else living in this world, with innumerable imperfections.  We make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. We are here to share our life; the good and even the bad, but trying as we do, to add a touch of positive vibe to make life look as simple as possible. We are one among those, struggling to create a life comfortable and suitable to live. We are here to make us feel good. We are glad to be part of the blogging community, learning everyday as we share our posts.

We are not here to change this world through our blog.  We are here to change us and be the change.

© 2015 Ahmad and Ahmad

All Grown Up

All grown up

Does it really sound great and feels good to know we are grown up? Let us find out.

When we were kids, there were several instances when we tried to imitate our elders. We fancied the life our parents, uncle and aunts used to live. We craved for the freedom to do anything and everything.

Today, as adults, we admire the life of kids. We find happiness in all the small pleasures they take. We dream of living life as a kid again. Why!!!


Kids do not know about stress. They are unaware of this complicated world. They do not know about rich or poor. They do not distinguish people on the basis of color, language, caste, creed or religion. They do not know about ego, greed, money, jealousy, hatred or competition. They understand only one language and that is the language of love.

They know how to forget and forgive. They know how to embrace someone who makes them cry.They know that a smile can make others happy. They know how to get what they want without harming others. They never try to impress but know how to express. They do not know fear. They are not bothered about others because they know how to stay busy. They know their worth. They never depend on others to be happy.

Kids explore. They experiment. They learn. They laugh. They live their life!

We feel we are all grown up. We realized this when we were gifted with a son who taught us that life is very simple. Since then, we are living life as a kid again because, we now know that no one is going to get out alive anyway.

©2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Courtesy: Daily prompt

The Priceless Gift to Humanity!

Santa whispers……

“The Armour to defeat FEAR” 🙂

make possible

The craze to excel, succeed and secure our survival on this earth has set for us a life full of struggles. Under such circumstances, we need to keep us armored to face every trial that comes our way. Whatever we fear for, has a tendency to take us in its grip. No fear and we are free!

In our day to day life we are surrounded by many fears: most commonly felt are fear of the consequences, fear of embarrassment, fear of being left behind, fear of failure and fear of rejection.

This Christmas, Santa comes to you with this priceless and precious armor that will help you kill fear in your mind and help you to fight away, not only cowardice but also the bad; and shine with the good. 

Santa whispers…

Believe in yourself

Do you have the capacity to recognize those hidden talents and abilities in you?

No. Why?

Because the grass is always green on the other side!

Humans have a tendency to make comparisons because comparisons provide a competitive spirit and act as a stimulus for success. But then, what is success? Success is not the end but a process. Our main motive should not rest in success but in becoming capable. Once we become capable, success will follow us in every sphere of our life. Therefore, instead of wasting time judging others, try to see the hidden genius in you. Spend time learning about the soul in you.

You ask how?

Observe closely how you carry yourself in your day-to-day life. This will assist you in finding out your strengths and weaknesses and help you prepare yourself and practice; which is the second and most important step to defeat fear.

Santa whispers again…

Prepare and Practice

Once you have identified your talents, work on it. Take that effort to sharpen and polish your skills. Try to look for new ideas and ways to improve yourself.

Ever felt that fear of standing in front of a huge crowd for a speech? Or the fear of an examination or fear of appearing for an interview? Everyone has. That is the fear of our expectations not getting fulfilled. Is that the end of life?

We tend to fear because we are not prepared to face it. A significant amount of homework and research would nourish our belief and act as a tonic to help us face the trial ahead of us. Preparation accompanied by perspiration and perseverance will remove fear from the mind. Practice helps a man give excellent performance! Better not to thrive for perfection because that is God’s business. 🙂

And the magic begins when we add that extra ingredient to Self-belief and Practice; and that is Faith!

Merry Christmas !

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

What to do?

To-Do? Done!

Today’s Prompt: Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life. Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

Here is what we would do. 


One, Two told us to do;

What to do? Oh! What to do?

And here comes Three, the working tree;

Oh, please, please set us free!

Says Four, Five; live this life;

Why not! We wanna go on a long drive!


What to do? Oh! What to do?

Never waste your time thinking what to do.

Take it easy, take it slow;

Love yourself, go with the flow.

Welcome everyday, just let it come;

And soon you see, everything will be done!

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Tears of Happiness


Yes, tears. When we read this word, the immediate thought that crossed our mind is that moment of grief, when water tickles down our face sweeping away those heaviness hidden in our heart. Do tears have a second or a third meaning?

We are no scientists. We love to discover. We will try to discover the science of tears in our own unique way.

Words have always kept us mesmerized. Ever imagined a world without words? We think it is ‘HEAVEN’. And why do we say so? Because, our good thoughts, get reflected in our eyes and body language and we do not need any words to express them. For instance, love needs no words. It is a silent emotion. But, matters turn worse when we deal with words and that transforms love into hate.

Now, the word we are going to play with, is “Tears”.

Tear means ‘to pull apart to pieces”. Indeed, when we are deeply hurt, our heart feels like torn to pieces and the resultant is seen in the form of water flowing down slowly from our eyes. But we were wondering; if tear means “to be torn to pieces”, as the dictionary states; why do we cry when we are happy? Remember those ‘tears of joy’, when our happiness knows no bounds? Why do women cry so much? Why men do not cry?

We are surrounded by emotions. A song or a movie has the power to prick those emotions in us and the chemical reactions of the brain compel our eyes to release those salty waters. But tears are not just the sole authority of those heartfelt sentiments or sorrow or pain. There are small wonders in our day to day life that have that unseen force to bring tears to our eyes and carry us into a world full of love, beauty and appreciation. These wonders give us ‘tears of happiness’.

In the course of our life, we happen to pass by these wonders. They need to be treasured. They not only bring tears to our eyes but also can arouse a sense of belonging to someone or something, living or non-living. Yes, the most delicate thought in someone’s lifetime is the feeling of belonging- belonging to a family, a country, a society, to nature, to this mysterious world.

Can you relate to the following instances? Read on to find out and feel it They will definitely take you to a whole new world of freshness and tranquility, a world away from all sorrow and grief, and who knows, your attitude towards life! 🙂

  • That moment of joy, when a couple looks at their newborn baby- those tiny hands and legs, those tiny eyes, lost in its own world and that baby smell. Reminds of a heavenly bond between the child and the parents.
  • Ever watched someone (a child, your spouse or even an elderly person) sleeping? The closed eyes rest in peace, unaware of the hubbub of the surrounding environment. That moment of silence feels like heaven on earth. That moment teaches us to forgive and forget.
  • That first day of school when we used to hold onto your mother and cry aloud. That moment makes us feel there is no place like home and a mother’s warmth that provides that comfort zone in our life.
  • That last day in school, college or university at the farewell party; the tearful goodbye to wonderful teachers and friends. Those tears are tears of joy of stepping into a new world with high hopes and aspirations, responsibility and freedom.
  • That moment when a father bids adieu to his daughter on her wedding day. Those are not tears of sorrow but, in it is the hidden happiness that his child has grown up, ready to take care of a family of her own. And the happiness of the girl knows no bounds- thrilled and excited to enter that dream world!
  • The immeasurable patience of a woman to swallow all pain in silence and conceal them behind a smiling face.
  • That moment when the sun sets behind the horizon, taking away all pain and relieving us of sorrow and misery. The solace makes the eyes moist.
  • That moment when the sun rises, bringing with it new hopes and dreams and making us feel alive again! Feels like a new life with a new beginning, all set to fight the battle of life once again.
  • Watching those mighty mountains, high and tough, standing untouched at the same place, all alone, yet, spreading happiness and comfort to the eyes of the spectator. They are the best example of inner strength.
  • Those plants and tress, that can neither move or speak. They can not scream when the wind hurts them, they can not speak when humans destroy them; we appreciate their strength with moist eyes. They are the symbol of silence and patience.
  • Visualize lying down together with your beloved in a vast open field, all alone, staring at the clear night sky in silence, watching the stars twinkle, breathing the freshness of the night sky and get lost in the gigantic dark space above. No worries attached, no duties or responsibilities but only smiles of happiness all around. We cry with joy. Don’t we?
  • Those moments when animals and birds display love and affection and make humans say, “they are better than us”.
  • That moment of cheer when the team representing your country or club wins that game. That moment makes us feel like members of one family.

And last but not the least…

Hidden tears of men that reflects his strength and ability to protect women and care for her.

Do you have any other instances that bring tears of happiness?

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

New Dawn

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? What happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).


We are daily early risers, except on a holiday, when we are reluctant to detach ourselves from the coziness of the cradle. Yes, we prefer calling it the ‘cradle’ because we have observed and felt the support provided by the planks of wood as we rest ourselves in deep slumber, totally unconscious and least bothered about the surrounding environment.

We generally have to be awake early to see our child off to the school. It is always refreshing to feel the silence of dawn, the freshness of the air and the beauty of the enthusiastic nature waiting to spray its fragrance to the world for a new beginning. But we quite often miss out on the tiny exquisiteness.

It was just a month before we started this blog, when we woke up just for sunrise.  The previous night we were discussing about those tiny moments in our life that we generally overlook, those moments whose presence is the essence of our life; a sunset, a clear night sky, the chirping of the birds, the cool morning breeze and there are plenty of them for all of us. But they often go without notice in the midst of the hub-bub.  We decided to rise early the next day, not for any cause but to give company to the ‘ball of fire’, as it rises to spread its light. That day we awoke just for that sunrise.

We needed no alarm to wake us up. The enthusiasm and willingness was sufficient to open our eyes. The sky was grey, with lights twinkling all over the city. We moved out to the balcony, inhaled the freshness into our soul, feeling content to wake up to another day. From our balcony one can get a clear view of the Chakrata- Mussoorie- Dhanaulti Hills. Luckily, the sky was as clear as crystal and the visibility was just perfect for the much awaited sunrise.

We sat silently, running our eyes from one end to the other trying to capture every bit of the morning delights. It was amazing!

The rays of the huge fire ball was gradually reaching the surface of the earth. Those rays; which we were quite eager to draw in our childhood paintings, after placing the sun behind the mountains; were now visible to us in reality. The snow-peaked mountain ranges- the mighty Himalayas, somewhere far behind the Shivalik Ranges cropped up in our adventurous mind as the rays crossed our eyes. The grey sky was all set for a transformation as we witnessed the rebirth of the morning sky. The sun was rising, at a snail’s pace, spreading the message of patience and calmness. (We would never have related the sunrise to patience and calmness had WordPress not come up with this Prompt!) Gradually the pale orange shade behind the mountains was turning bright.

Just then, the silence of our soul was disturbed by the sound of science. Is the sun really rising or, the Earth moving down to give way for the sunshine to reach the Earth? And we were reminded of Galileo’s theory. We could then feel the movement of Earth and the pull of gravity. It is not the Sun but our Earth in consistent movement out there in space. Why don’t we just fall off? How are we just hanging there in space?  Strange indeed!

Finally our patience gave way to a bright day ahead. We could see a tiny bit of orange light coming up the mountains, slowly and gently moving up, just like a queenly bride moving forward towards the assembly on her wedding day. The sun was finally there with us to brighten up this corner of the Earth where we stay, reminding once again of the daily routine and bringing us back to reality from those moments of blissfulness.

It was a pleasurable experience!

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

The Incredible Journey with WordPress!

The Incredible Journey
The Incredible Journey

It was just last month (July 2014) that we began our journey with WordPress. And so far we have had a wonderful journey and we will definitely keep taking wonderful rides with our fellow bloggers. The ride through the depths of nature, through the intense feelings of happiness and sorrow of fellow bloggers, through the ups and downs we faced here, learning how to operate the many features of WordPress, all were marvellous and exciting. We initiated and WordPress kept us moving! We are just like the thin line of road visible in huge mountains. The mountain is the vast world and the thin line represent the niche we have struggled to create for ourselves in this world. 

Thank You ‘The Daily Post’ for the innumerable fascinating, out of the box topics on ‘Daily Prompts’ and the untiring efforts of the whole team to help us develop our writing skill. Though we missed out many, we particularly enjoyed scratching our head on some of them. It was difficult because we felt they were not mere topics but ‘topics with a difference’!

We started our journey with ‘The Daily Post’ with ‘Back to Life’,

The most recent one ‘A Bookish Choice’ was the best one so far, where we discovered some hidden aspects that we, as writers,  need to reflect on certain issues instead of plainly jotting down words here and there. 

‘Second Opinion’ also helped us bring out to the limelight, the ‘Real We’. It was a remarkable post to discover some truths about us (the human soul).

Not to forget, ‘Not Lemonade’ was just right to put forward our perspective towards life! 

WordPress is a great place to learn and meet new people with varied background and thought process. It is a tremendous platform to keep wandering around trying to look for the ultimate truth of our existence. We have tried to make our expressions just simple and excellent (Perfection is God’s business) to reach out to millions who look forward to new dimensions to lead a fruitful life. 

We write for self satisfaction. Writing is our passion. We write to capture our memorable thoughts and crazy ideas passing by our mind. We write because we feel the emotions. We indeed look for appreciation because we are humans and we are here because the world exists. The white star with orange background do excite us just like any of our fellow bloggers! But even if not appreciated we tend to write more with extended zest and zeal. Because this is what keeps us moving! And WordPress never disappoints its audience.

We take this opportunity to thank WordPress for this wonderful and persistent effort to help us express and share our thoughts and reach out to millions of diverse and unique audience. We take this opportunity to thank all our readers and visitors. If you have enjoyed the ride with us so far, it is our honour. We have as much enjoyed the ride with you, your unique ways of presentations, your unique pictures and your unique perspectives.

And for those who have not enjoyed the ride with us, we take it as a challenge! There can not be everything about someone that we do not like. There can not be everything about everyone that we like. But there are certain things about all that we may like. So thank you all! 🙂

It has been an incredible journey. 

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad