The Winning Streak !!

Life choice

When we started blogging in WordPress, it was a new experience for us. The excitement pushed us to meet this site daily and we were sort of attached to this new experience that supported us to ‘play’ with our daily thoughts and expressions. We state here “play” because we enjoyed every moment we spent scribbling our thoughts! Sooner or later, for whatever reason, we lost the magic wand.

We are back again and we are here with renewed zest and vigor. We are back with a  winning streak !! We are back with the magic wand to live our life more fruitfully. Here is what we have to offer to our readers.

We come across many quotations on anything and everything we want to learn. Quotations are mere experiences of people great and small and what ‘they have learnt’ from what ‘they have observed’ in the situation and environment ‘they have lived’. We tend to accept those that better suits our thoughts.

It is  never too late  to learn. We can learn everyday and every moment if we want to. We learn from others and we learn from our own experiences. 

Here are few quotations we tried to figure out from our own experiences. 

 “Never blame anyone for the life you are living. The life you are living is your choice. Believe in your choice.”

“Give me the opportunity to love and care for people i have never met. Those i love and care for, are already safe in my heart.” 

“Don’t go by words. They are mere ways of expression. Follow what you feel because your feelings are all that you own and they speak the truth.”

“Never say: I’m busy. Instead say: I’m never busy but i’m never idle either.”

“The heart never breaks. It opens the door to new beginnings. Good or bad, learn to treasure the past, accept the present and continue living. This is how you welcome your bright future.”

“Dare to take risks, dream and expect. It is better than doing nothing.”

“I love to think because it gives me the opportunity to go on a date with ME.” 

“We all can be a genius. All that we need is to think different.”

“I’m not unstable. Life provides me the ups and downs. I simply adjust myself.”

“That education is not worth it that cannot teach us how to live when we are emotionally dead.”

“Enjoy the time you waste. This way you will not regret wasting your time. Life is all about living and not winning.”

“The best Research is that which is done when we do not know what to do.”

“Be flexible, you will bend. Be rigid, you will break.”

“Be thankful to people you don’t like. What we don’t like in others is what we don’t want for us. Think simple, think wise.”

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Do “LOVE” really sound the right word?

Watch those you love and try to remove the dangers from their path. Do not interfere on their way. Let them have their own way!
Watch those you love and try to remove the dangers from their path. Do not interfere on their way. Let them have their own way!

What is love? The dictionary says “Love is an intense feeling of deep affection”. We say we love our parents, we love our children, we love our spouse, and we love our friends and so on. Do we really love them? The immediate answer would be: Yes, of course! But do we love them all the time? Here is something we need to reflect on.

We love others so far their thoughts comply with our thoughts and expectations. The moment they tend to display their own independent views, arguments flare up. Best instances are observed between parents and children. Parents care for their children and wish for them a beautiful life full of happiness and success. As the child grows up and begin to display his/her own thoughts and interests, the supportive nature of parents disappear! There are many instances, especially in case of marriage. Though the scenario has changed to a large extent and many parents have now become more liberal, yet expectations still exist. Experience do count, but is it right to force our experiences on others? If someone wants to learn from others’ experience they will learn even if we do not tell them to. And if they don’t want to learn, they will never learn, however hard we try.

We always carry some aspect of “hate” along with “love”. It is said, love should be unconditional. Love should be true. Is love conditional? Is love false? Again it is said love is an illusion. If something is conditional or something is not true, it is no longer an intense feeling but a trade! If something is an illusion, it never was there on the first hand!

In any relationship, it is generally said that we must compromise, because no two persons are the same. By compromising we are actually displaying sympathy and not love. Where is empathy?

The word “love” carries with it a large number of expectations. This is where we misuse this beautiful word. There is no expectation attached to love. There is no sacrifice attached to love. More so, there is no affection attached to love. Everything in this world is materialistic. We also crave for affection just like we crave for any other materialistic thing in this world such as money or house etc. And craving for something means a powerful desire, and desire again means a feeling of want which leads to expectations. Where then is “love”?

“Love should be a free flow of emotions without expectations, sacrifice, craving or desire.”—–Ahmad and Ahmad

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad