The Tunnel from A to O

journey through the tunnel

We’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect our home with the location of our choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of our tunnel?

When we came across this Daily Prompt, the first thing that crossed our mind was WOW! Ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect our home with the location of our choice-anywhere on Earth!

But as the strings of our mind started loosening up, we were caught in a dilemma. We’ve the ability to build a tunnel.  Well, tunnels are dark inside. Isn’t it? No fresh air, no natural light.  

We would rather prefer some other way where there is light during the journey to one of our favourite places anywhere on Earth! The journey also has to be a beautiful one. We do have the desire to travel around the world, breathing in all the beauty around. How would the journey to our favourite destination through a tunnel be like? A journey in the dark, full of struggle! Will we be able to do justice to us? 

We decided to select a tunnel with a narrow opening, then use our magical power to build it bigger and bigger so that we can quickly and secretly at the blink of an eye connect it to light at the other end!

And we finally discovered this narrow opening!

Have you noticed the small triangle in the letter ‘A’ in the word HATE? Yes this triangle is our starting point. Our Earth- our home, is surrounded by hate all around. There is darkness in this hatred, because we lose our senses when we hate someone. We forget our existence as a superior animal- a human being.

Luckily there are small magic like WordPress Daily Prompt that knocks the closed door of our mind and encourage us to build bridges to connect one end of the world with the other.

So our work begins. We dig and dig quickly, silently and secretly using our magical power until we reach the other end of the tunnel of HATE. And at the blink of an eye we finally discover the new horizon.  We come out from the small triangle in ‘A’ to a broad opening in letter ‘O’, a new world, where we breathe fresh and free! Notice the letter ‘O’ in LOVE? Yes, we’re in a new place, a new location, LOVE. We are now satisfied that we’ve used our magical power to get to something better, where there is light all around. 

We made it! What do you think? 🙂

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

The Morning Glory


The Morning Glory Silhouette: One of the best examples that “Darkness is the absence of Light. And behind every Darkness there is Light. So, just keep moving.” 

Enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and feel it, just like we felt every ray of the sun touching the surface of the Earth, spreading the light to end the darkness all around.

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Just a matter of choice!


Do not curse the darkness,

Light a candle.

When something is tasteless,

Add sugar.

If silence kills you,

Play the music, sing a song.

If loneliness hurts you,

Give your company to someone who is lonely.

Do not want to cry?


Do not want to laugh?

Shed your tears!

If anger bothers you,

Stay calm.

If you want peace,

Spread happiness.

Want to be loved?

Do not hate.

If you do not like something,

Do what you like.

Live and let live!

Do not blame. Do not complain.

Because it is just a matter of your choice! 🙂

@ 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad