New Dawn

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? What happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).


We are daily early risers, except on a holiday, when we are reluctant to detach ourselves from the coziness of the cradle. Yes, we prefer calling it the ‘cradle’ because we have observed and felt the support provided by the planks of wood as we rest ourselves in deep slumber, totally unconscious and least bothered about the surrounding environment.

We generally have to be awake early to see our child off to the school. It is always refreshing to feel the silence of dawn, the freshness of the air and the beauty of the enthusiastic nature waiting to spray its fragrance to the world for a new beginning. But we quite often miss out on the tiny exquisiteness.

It was just a month before we started this blog, when we woke up just for sunrise.  The previous night we were discussing about those tiny moments in our life that we generally overlook, those moments whose presence is the essence of our life; a sunset, a clear night sky, the chirping of the birds, the cool morning breeze and there are plenty of them for all of us. But they often go without notice in the midst of the hub-bub.  We decided to rise early the next day, not for any cause but to give company to the ‘ball of fire’, as it rises to spread its light. That day we awoke just for that sunrise.

We needed no alarm to wake us up. The enthusiasm and willingness was sufficient to open our eyes. The sky was grey, with lights twinkling all over the city. We moved out to the balcony, inhaled the freshness into our soul, feeling content to wake up to another day. From our balcony one can get a clear view of the Chakrata- Mussoorie- Dhanaulti Hills. Luckily, the sky was as clear as crystal and the visibility was just perfect for the much awaited sunrise.

We sat silently, running our eyes from one end to the other trying to capture every bit of the morning delights. It was amazing!

The rays of the huge fire ball was gradually reaching the surface of the earth. Those rays; which we were quite eager to draw in our childhood paintings, after placing the sun behind the mountains; were now visible to us in reality. The snow-peaked mountain ranges- the mighty Himalayas, somewhere far behind the Shivalik Ranges cropped up in our adventurous mind as the rays crossed our eyes. The grey sky was all set for a transformation as we witnessed the rebirth of the morning sky. The sun was rising, at a snail’s pace, spreading the message of patience and calmness. (We would never have related the sunrise to patience and calmness had WordPress not come up with this Prompt!) Gradually the pale orange shade behind the mountains was turning bright.

Just then, the silence of our soul was disturbed by the sound of science. Is the sun really rising or, the Earth moving down to give way for the sunshine to reach the Earth? And we were reminded of Galileo’s theory. We could then feel the movement of Earth and the pull of gravity. It is not the Sun but our Earth in consistent movement out there in space. Why don’t we just fall off? How are we just hanging there in space?  Strange indeed!

Finally our patience gave way to a bright day ahead. We could see a tiny bit of orange light coming up the mountains, slowly and gently moving up, just like a queenly bride moving forward towards the assembly on her wedding day. The sun was finally there with us to brighten up this corner of the Earth where we stay, reminding once again of the daily routine and bringing us back to reality from those moments of blissfulness.

It was a pleasurable experience!

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

The Frayed Mountain

A less traveled road on way to Munsyari, India.
A less traveled road on way to Munsyari, India.

A look back at the picture of this mountain road, a less traveled road on way to Munsyari, India, left us totally flabbergasted. We are still breathing!  It was a breathless journey for us, a memorable drive through the frayed edges of the mountain. Rains had frayed the mighty Himalayan mountain, leaving no visible traces of the road. A wrong move of the feet, hand or eye would have landed us down into the river.