The Peaceful Smile


Here we are again sharing one of our best photographs in response to two Challenges:

Nurturing Thursday  and   A Photo a Week: Up Close and Personal 

Let us all take that step towards peace. Peace, not on Earth, but within us, in every soul. Let us all carry that innocent and sparkling smile that has the power to solve any problem. Let us not just hope for change, rather be the change! Let us empathize and not sympathize.

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Just a matter of choice!


Do not curse the darkness,

Light a candle.

When something is tasteless,

Add sugar.

If silence kills you,

Play the music, sing a song.

If loneliness hurts you,

Give your company to someone who is lonely.

Do not want to cry?


Do not want to laugh?

Shed your tears!

If anger bothers you,

Stay calm.

If you want peace,

Spread happiness.

Want to be loved?

Do not hate.

If you do not like something,

Do what you like.

Live and let live!

Do not blame. Do not complain.

Because it is just a matter of your choice! 🙂

@ 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Breathe Free


We all are witnessing or may be victims to different forms of terror attacks. These are traumatic state of affairs. According to Oxford Dictionary, ‘terrorism’ means the use of violent action in order to achieve political aims or to force a government to act.

Terrorism is spreading like forest fire throughout the world leaving behind multitude of questions before the government, the political leaders, the judicial system and the common man. While we wait despairingly for some immediate action from higher authorities, sooner or later we realize that terror has struck the world all over again! We usually charge the inefficiency of the Government or the police. This in any case does not solve the problem of terror attacks. It is indisputably the obligation of every responsible citizen to create a fearless atmosphere and safeguard the fundamental rights of every citizen. A patriotic sentiment and the urge to spread eternal peace is the urgent need to avoid such tearful hours.

Terrorism cannot be wiped out overnight but it can be averted through a gradual course of intended actions. It is not the sole responsibility of the government to have effective checks on the peace and security of the nation rather every citizen must endeavour to disrupt and ward off further attacks. Not surprisingly, terrorists are not bizarre people but one among the ordinary masses. No one is born as a terrorist. What then makes someone a terrorist? As individuals we need to take a back seat and think over the cause of these deadly acts. We could not find any other cause other than ‘the aggressive mind’ and ‘the corrupt mind’. Cutting the branches of a tree will not allow it to die. Cut the roots and the tree will die.

 Arrest the aggressive mind

Behind every terror is some hidden aggressiveness of the terrorists. What is more alarming is that youths play an important part in this terror stage. It is high time we arrest the aggressive minds of young people. Now the question is, how? On one hand, what is required is a transparent education system that would produce civilised and refined youth. The responsibility of the education system is to prepare the youth to face the hard realities of life and teach them to be responsible human beings. On the other hand, every youth of today must also strive towards self-development that includes not just theoretical knowledge and skill development for problem solving but the greatest bid lies in overall character development. 

We thrive to ‘earn more’ rather than ‘learn more’. So far such ideas continue to fill the minds of the young people it will be a difficult job to produce responsible, sincere, honest and patriotic citizens. Love for position, money and success leaves one with the thrust to earn more, to which there is definitely no end. The craving for ‘more’ unbolts the knob to unethical practices that ultimately destroys one’s self esteem. The rising expectations give shelter to disappointment, hatred, insecurity and eventually corruption and violence that result in terrorism.

 Combat the corrupt mind

Corruption takes hostage the mind of any individual. Needless to say, we all are corrupt in some form or the other. What differs is the degree of corruption! We fail to reveal our own acts. The corruption bug is multiplying and leading the march towards a fraudulent national environment.  By taking a pledge to adopt ethical ways of working we will definitely be able to shoo away this mucky bug from the environment. Is it so difficult?

The vision of spreading peace throughout the nation is only possible through honest, sincere and collective efforts by ‘all’ and the ‘youth’ in particular who are our future leaders, civil servants, security personnel, lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, businessmen, and media persons. To win universal recognition and admiration it is necessary to maintain ethical standards and produce progressive human resources that can be transformed into an effective and robust administration where values outshine profits.

“There is always a hidden solution to any problem. Do not waste time discussing problems, instead hunt for the solutions. It is just there. You just need to have a heart to feel. Prove you are human! Breathe free!”      ——Ahmad & Ahmad

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

No Thank You, Literary Witch.

Keep writing and spread the message of hard work and sincerity.
Keep writing and spread the message of hard work, honesty and sincerity.

 A literary- minded witch gives us a choice: with the flick of the wand. We can become either an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades, or a popular paperback author whose books give pleasure to millions.

We choose NONE! No MAGIC! No short-cuts! No greed! Though literary-minded, the witch will definitely have some form of evil in mind. Absolutely discarded! If writers begin to spread EVIL, where would this world head to? Words have the power to transform a world. We do not need any evil magic wand to gain admiration or popularity. What we desire is a beautiful world abundant with love, peace and harmony.

Whatever we are/will be writing would be the words coming directly from our heart, the hidden truths which we have been trying to explore and understand, and share with millions of people.

Sorry to disappoint you literary witch. 🙂

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad