Tears of Happiness



Yes, tears. When we read this word, the immediate thought that crossed our mind is that moment of grief, when water tickles down our face sweeping away those heaviness hidden in our heart. Do tears have a second or a third meaning?

We are no scientists. We love to discover. We will try to discover the science of tears in our own unique way.

Words have always kept us mesmerized. Ever imagined a world without words? We think it is ‘HEAVEN’. And why do we say so? Because, our good thoughts, get reflected in our eyes and body language and we do not need any words to express them. For instance, love needs no words. It is a silent emotion. But, matters turn worse when we deal with words and that transforms love into hate.

Now, the word we are going to play with, is “Tears”.

Tear means ‘to pull apart to pieces”. Indeed, when we are deeply hurt, our heart feels like torn to pieces and the resultant is seen in the form of water flowing down slowly from our eyes. But we were wondering; if tear means “to be torn to pieces”, as the dictionary states; why do we cry when we are happy? Remember those ‘tears of joy’, when our happiness knows no bounds? Why do women cry so much? Why men do not cry?

We are surrounded by emotions. A song or a movie has the power to prick those emotions in us and the chemical reactions of the brain compel our eyes to release those salty waters. But tears are not just the sole authority of those heartfelt sentiments or sorrow or pain. There are small wonders in our day to day life that have that unseen force to bring tears to our eyes and carry us into a world full of love, beauty and appreciation. These wonders give us ‘tears of happiness’.

In the course of our life, we happen to pass by these wonders. They need to be treasured. They not only bring tears to our eyes but also can arouse a sense of belonging to someone or something, living or non-living. Yes, the most delicate thought in someone’s lifetime is the feeling of belonging- belonging to a family, a country, a society, to nature, to this mysterious world.

Can you relate to the following instances? Read on to find out and feel it They will definitely take you to a whole new world of freshness and tranquility, a world away from all sorrow and grief, and who knows, your attitude towards life! 🙂

  • That moment of joy, when a couple looks at their newborn baby- those tiny hands and legs, those tiny eyes, lost in its own world and that baby smell. Reminds of a heavenly bond between the child and the parents.
  • Ever watched someone (a child, your spouse or even an elderly person) sleeping? The closed eyes rest in peace, unaware of the hubbub of the surrounding environment. That moment of silence feels like heaven on earth. That moment teaches us to forgive and forget.
  • That first day of school when we used to hold onto your mother and cry aloud. That moment makes us feel there is no place like home and a mother’s warmth that provides that comfort zone in our life.
  • That last day in school, college or university at the farewell party; the tearful goodbye to wonderful teachers and friends. Those tears are tears of joy of stepping into a new world with high hopes and aspirations, responsibility and freedom.
  • That moment when a father bids adieu to his daughter on her wedding day. Those are not tears of sorrow but, in it is the hidden happiness that his child has grown up, ready to take care of a family of her own. And the happiness of the girl knows no bounds- thrilled and excited to enter that dream world!
  • The immeasurable patience of a woman to swallow all pain in silence and conceal them behind a smiling face.
  • That moment when the sun sets behind the horizon, taking away all pain and relieving us of sorrow and misery. The solace makes the eyes moist.
  • That moment when the sun rises, bringing with it new hopes and dreams and making us feel alive again! Feels like a new life with a new beginning, all set to fight the battle of life once again.
  • Watching those mighty mountains, high and tough, standing untouched at the same place, all alone, yet, spreading happiness and comfort to the eyes of the spectator. They are the best example of inner strength.
  • Those plants and tress, that can neither move or speak. They can not scream when the wind hurts them, they can not speak when humans destroy them; we appreciate their strength with moist eyes. They are the symbol of silence and patience.
  • Visualize lying down together with your beloved in a vast open field, all alone, staring at the clear night sky in silence, watching the stars twinkle, breathing the freshness of the night sky and get lost in the gigantic dark space above. No worries attached, no duties or responsibilities but only smiles of happiness all around. We cry with joy. Don’t we?
  • Those moments when animals and birds display love and affection and make humans say, “they are better than us”.
  • That moment of cheer when the team representing your country or club wins that game. That moment makes us feel like members of one family.

And last but not the least…

Hidden tears of men that reflects his strength and ability to protect women and care for her.

Do you have any other instances that bring tears of happiness?

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad