The Countdown: Life with WordPress

“Through this post we also take the opportunity to thank our readers and viewers for their incredible support.”

The Countdown

This post is all about our journey here in WordPress since July 2014 till December this day. The first day (July 14) with WordPress was quite monotonous as we had no idea what to do. But as we moved ahead in this journey, we managed to gather readers and viewers from every nook and corner of this world. And as we approach this New Year, we have high hopes of expanding our contribution to reach as many readers and viewers as possible trying to share our ‘share of life’.

So, let the Countdown to a new beginning start !

10. July 14: THE BABY STEP

The Other Side of the Story:  Our first post. This post tried to compare the rich and poor from a different perspective.

Aww…. 😦

This looks so incomplete; without any picture or tags. No likes or comments either. But that did not de-motivate us. Probably because approval of others was not what we were seeking here.


Finally we were spotted by someone. Thank you Samoan Sword, for sparing the time to read our post. As we are academicians, this was what we thought would be beneficial to the society we are part of. Yes, Value Based Education System, the need of the hour! This post was all about the young learners who must be guided to shape their own mind so that they understand the importance of positive values and apply these values in their journey of life.

But how irresponsible of us! We did not even bother to reply back to this first visitor. We must have been busy customizing our Blog to make it attractive in the simplest way possible, trying to make it clearly visible and legible.


Will Power Matters ! Our third post that provided us the limelight.

This post too carries no tags or pictures. It looks so dull ! However, this time we somehow learnt while experimenting with WordPress that we could share our posts in Facebook. And here we are with 45 likes! But none to like in WordPress still. But two of the bloggers did comment on this post. Thanks to Tammi Kale and susieshy45 for visiting our blog.

This was sufficient for us to keep us moving in this new world among strangers. We were enjoying this new experience playing with our own thoughts and feelings and sharing it with the world without the least expectation of being selected to publish our work.

Wonderful! Isn’t this an achievement in itself? Definitely yes! This, kind of boosted our enthusiasm and energy to devote more of our time in expressing how we feel about everything around us, trying to improve as we stepped ahead.

Will Power indeed matters !!


Something suddenly struck our mind. Being crazy travellers, we had that bulk of photographs with us that could not be utilised so far. And here was the opportunity to portray and share our experiences through our photographs. And there was this turning point! The Call of the Hills– Yes, our next post.

We decided to bring our writing skill and photography together in one platform and make our existence visible and possibly work towards the purpose of our life to spread the message of unity and peace.

And we came up with our first ever ‘wonder post’. We call it a ‘wonder post’ because it looks so lively. Even now as we opened it to include the link, it was so exciting to read our own experiences and bring back those memories back to life! It is an awesome feeling of getting lost in the sweet memories of the past treasures. And what is more incredible is that we could share it with the world! This is amazing! We really did it!

The breathless journey!
The breathless journey!

4 bloggers liked it and 17 likes from our Facebook friends. We believed we were doing great, at least we made ourselves feel so; no harm, isn’t it? And most important we found that magic wand!

6. July 28: THE PUSH AHEAD

Age is just a number: Our first ever entry to the Daily Post! It was short but was indeed a challenge. And it was like we discovered that silver lining in the cloud.

And our journey continues…

We continued posting at a stretch day and night. WordPress was our new love.

And here was the twist! The Daily Post and Weekly Challenges got us in its grip and we started relating our life experiences to the themes these challenges provided. It was a blessing in disguise to come up before the world as an example (good or bad). We did not have any trouble choosing what to post because there were already plenty before us, as if they were prepared to assist us in our endeavor.

Here are some of our posts that would definitely keep your eyes locked to the screen. We have numbered them in ascending order of likes by other bloggers.

5. The Tussle between Venus and Mars

Men and women

Women and Men are both marvelous and inspiring creations of the Unseen Creator. They are different, yet meant to be together. They are opposite, yet they attract each other!

Be a part of this thrilling experience!

4. An Extreme Tale

We made it

A Tale of the Good and the Bad brought together in this post. Find yourself lost in the ups and downs of your own life, trying to lift yourself up in the ladder of life as you scroll through the post.

3. Taste the Lemons


Find out what we do when life gives us lemons. No, we never make lemonade. 🙂

2. Way of Life


Scroll though some of our photographs that have something to say about the way of life!

1. Humanity- The Connection  The most loved post of our blog!

The Connection 

We have created some of the wonderful memories of our life with WordPress- our readers and viewers! What more could we preserve from our life in 2014 than these memories and the pleasurable and marvelous conversations with strangers from all over the world. An achievement indeed ! 🙂

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Humanity: The Connection

Humanity : “The Connection”

(The photograph was taken five years back, in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. Behind is the Naini Lake. We could not find any better way to relate this photograph to Humanity: “The Connection”). The conversation follows….

The Connection
Naini lake, Uttarakhand, India

The other day our nine year old child asked us,

“Who is our Great Great Great Great……Great Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother?”

There was a quick reply from us. “Adam and Eve!”

But the nine year old child’s scientific mind was searching for the truth. He was mystified with the world population, the diverse races, classes and religions. Quick cropped up another query!

“No, no, who is ‘MY’ Great Great…..Great Grandfather or Grandmother?”

We smiled at him as he emphasized on the word ‘MY’, and we made an attempt to explain the history.

Honestly, we did not have the right answer. His interrogation left us entangled with history, religion and mythology. And even more intricate is the scientific debate that we are descendants of the Ape! Oh!

No wonder, this could leave anyone baffled with the question,

“How are we all connected?”

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Adventure through the Hills

This time we would like to take you on an adventure through the hills. Fasten your seat belts!!! 🙂

Visualize carrying the cooking cylinder on your back as you walk up the hill. How do you feel? Adventurous. 


How about helping the local people to clear the road after a landslide? 


Driving through the hills on a rainy day keeps your heart pumping with great speed, faster than your speedometer 

Road block

Unexpected snowfall. Want to take the drive ahead? 


© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

The Love Story

House Sparrows have a close connection with people and their buildings. They won’t be found in extensive woodlands, forests, or grasslands. They can survive only in the company of humans and their settlement.

But their life is endangered by human development. The modern day buildings and apartments are not sparrow friendly. They do not provide the space for the sparrows to build their nest and raise a family in their own sweet world.

Below are two photographs of sparrows taken at different intervals. When put together, they have a dialogue. What do they say?

Love story

Sparrow 1 (Left Picture): “Come with me. I’ll take you away to a new world where we can breathe the fresh air. I’ll be your Savior. I’ll protect you and take care of you. Do not panic, come with me. I’m ready to fly. It is a beautiful world out there. We can spend the rest of our life in peace.”

Sparrow 2 (Right Picture): (sighs) “How i wish i was born free. All my life i struggled. I do not want to waste my time and let my life go in vain. We can recreate a new world here. I wish to see the sunshine. I wish to see the rain. I want to rest in peace with you here in our own sweet world. Do not go, come back to me”. 

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

Adieu to meet again

Silhouettes : Photography is all about experimenting with light, and then positioning ourselves (or our subject) in the right spot to achieve a certain effect. One such effect is a silhouette, in which an outline of someone or something appears dark against a lighter background. Silhouettes can be very dramatic and resemble black shapes without any details. 

Through this photograph we tried to dramatize the effect of Day and Night that reflects a Silhouette.


As the Day bids goodbye, the city embraces the Night to wake up refreshed and meet Day again with new hopes and dreams. Though apart, Day and Night are meant to be together. Though different, one follows the other. 

“Day is are not forever,

Night is not the end.

Night says Day, “I will miss you”

Untill we meet again.”

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

The Dialogue

Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange. When it comes to photography, dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images. Placed next to each other, each photograph opens up to meanings that weren’t there when viewed alone. Each composition reveals the photographer’s specific sensitivity to certain content or visual elements.

We bring together two of our photos into dialogue. What do they say to each other?

We think the bear and the rhino are having a conversation about the weather in the Zoo. Any other guesses?

Edited: And their conversation turned wild. The bear got hold of the Rhino horn.

The Dialogue

These photographs were taken in Assam State Zoo Cum Botanical Garden, India.

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad

New Dawn

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? What happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).


We are daily early risers, except on a holiday, when we are reluctant to detach ourselves from the coziness of the cradle. Yes, we prefer calling it the ‘cradle’ because we have observed and felt the support provided by the planks of wood as we rest ourselves in deep slumber, totally unconscious and least bothered about the surrounding environment.

We generally have to be awake early to see our child off to the school. It is always refreshing to feel the silence of dawn, the freshness of the air and the beauty of the enthusiastic nature waiting to spray its fragrance to the world for a new beginning. But we quite often miss out on the tiny exquisiteness.

It was just a month before we started this blog, when we woke up just for sunrise.  The previous night we were discussing about those tiny moments in our life that we generally overlook, those moments whose presence is the essence of our life; a sunset, a clear night sky, the chirping of the birds, the cool morning breeze and there are plenty of them for all of us. But they often go without notice in the midst of the hub-bub.  We decided to rise early the next day, not for any cause but to give company to the ‘ball of fire’, as it rises to spread its light. That day we awoke just for that sunrise.

We needed no alarm to wake us up. The enthusiasm and willingness was sufficient to open our eyes. The sky was grey, with lights twinkling all over the city. We moved out to the balcony, inhaled the freshness into our soul, feeling content to wake up to another day. From our balcony one can get a clear view of the Chakrata- Mussoorie- Dhanaulti Hills. Luckily, the sky was as clear as crystal and the visibility was just perfect for the much awaited sunrise.

We sat silently, running our eyes from one end to the other trying to capture every bit of the morning delights. It was amazing!

The rays of the huge fire ball was gradually reaching the surface of the earth. Those rays; which we were quite eager to draw in our childhood paintings, after placing the sun behind the mountains; were now visible to us in reality. The snow-peaked mountain ranges- the mighty Himalayas, somewhere far behind the Shivalik Ranges cropped up in our adventurous mind as the rays crossed our eyes. The grey sky was all set for a transformation as we witnessed the rebirth of the morning sky. The sun was rising, at a snail’s pace, spreading the message of patience and calmness. (We would never have related the sunrise to patience and calmness had WordPress not come up with this Prompt!) Gradually the pale orange shade behind the mountains was turning bright.

Just then, the silence of our soul was disturbed by the sound of science. Is the sun really rising or, the Earth moving down to give way for the sunshine to reach the Earth? And we were reminded of Galileo’s theory. We could then feel the movement of Earth and the pull of gravity. It is not the Sun but our Earth in consistent movement out there in space. Why don’t we just fall off? How are we just hanging there in space?  Strange indeed!

Finally our patience gave way to a bright day ahead. We could see a tiny bit of orange light coming up the mountains, slowly and gently moving up, just like a queenly bride moving forward towards the assembly on her wedding day. The sun was finally there with us to brighten up this corner of the Earth where we stay, reminding once again of the daily routine and bringing us back to reality from those moments of blissfulness.

It was a pleasurable experience!

© 2014 Ahmad and Ahmad